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ws FAQ (V.0.5)

1 - Q: When I run "ws on" in mode text, i get this error message:

CIFS VFS: Send error in SETFSUnixInfo = -5
CIFS VFS: Send error in SETFSUnixInfo = -5
CIFS VFS: Send error in SETFSUnixInfo = -5

A: This is a message from the kernel. WinShares works with no problems.
In graphical environment those messages don't appear.

2 - Q: I tried "sudo ./ws-install" and I received several errors. What happened?

A: If you are running ws-install, ws-uninstall, ws-auto, ws-confsudo, you must
be root. Only in UBUNTU there is no problem with sudo. In the other distributions
is better to "su -" to root (to get the root PATH variable).
3 - Q: I'm using OpenOffice Base and I am not able to access a database file located in a mounted samba share.
Is this a bug?

A: With "ws -c", change ws.conf and add the option "nobrl". Ex: OPTIONS="noperm,nobrl"
(see man mount.cifs)

4 - When I run "ws on" it takes too long to find and open all the shares in the network. What can I do to run it fastest.

A: WinShares is scanning the network to find shares available. If you are in a well known environment, you can define only the shares you want in ws.conf. This way it runs faster.

(read ws.conf and DOCS/ws.conf.example)

Winshares Copyright (C) 2007 M.Carreira Silva